About Us

Spot on Spouters is a well known Continuous Spouting business in Hamilton, NZ. It has been operating for 20 years and has earned itself a great reputation for quality and workmanship, with prompt and friendly service.

Spot on Spouters is a Partnership run solely by Murray McGregor and Dean Marshall. Their goal is to provide the best quality spouting at the most competitive price.

Our Company

The partnership was formed in 2006 when Murray McGregor and Dean Marshall decided to go into business together, purchasing the business from it's previous owner. Spot on Spouters services Hamilton, the Greater Waikato and BOP areas and are willing to travel anywhere depending on the circumstances.

They are flexible and willing to accomodate, efficient and professional.

Our Location

Spot on Spouters base of operations is located in St Andrews, Hamilton. Due to the nature of their business, being mobile spouting units, they travel to you and create and install their quality product onsite.

Our Team

Murray and Dean are hands on owners. They both are efficient in creating their quality spouting and have a staff of quality spouting technicians working with them to get the job done.

Dean and Murray believe that to truly effectively run a successful business they need to be able to step up and manage all areas of the business and are both Tradesmen, quote new jobs and work in the Office to provide all-round cover.